Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yet Another Reason to Hate NFL Pre-Draft Coverage

From TSN's draft preview of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

1st paragraph: "They have an abundance of quarterbacks, so there's a good chance they'll dangle one as trade bait."

2nd paragraph: "The Bucs don't need another quarterback but may take one anyway."

Draft pick list: "Round 2: QB Joe Flacco, Delaware"

Also, within the bulk of the writeup, TSN suggests that the Bucs will be looking at:
Oklahoma WR Malcolm Kelly
Michigan State WR Devin Thomas
South Florida CB Mike Jenkins
Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart
Central Florida RB Kevin Smith

None of those guys show up in the mock draft listings below.

In other words, "They won't take a QB. Or they might. Or they will. And they'll probably draft some guys who played college football."


Mel Kiper Jr. what hast thou wrought?
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