Friday, March 21, 2008

What a Difference A Year Makes

Jon Lieber is now apparently willing to come out of the bullpen for the Cubs if he doesn't win a rotation spot.

A year ago, he was adamant about not coming out of the pen, which forced all sorts of ugly rotation-based decision-making for the Phillies. He was routine-based and didn't like the uncertainty of the pen, blah blah blah. This lasted until April 18, when he and Brett Myers, the Phillies' best starting pitcher, swapped places.

Think about that. They swapped their best guy...for John "My Butt Is Two Strange Bulldogs In A Bag" Lieber. He was awful, and by midseason he was done, leading the question of "Would that insane comeback really have been necessary without this mess?"

Now, however, Lieber's ready to come out of the pen for Chicago, a team with a lot more starting options than the Phillies had last year. Funny what a difference a year - and the evidence that a team does just fine without you starting - makes.
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