Saturday, March 08, 2008

I Don't Know, Mulder - There Has To Be A Logical Explanation

I don't have a dog in the UNC-Duke fight. Despite having lived on Tobacco Road for eight years, I'm still mostly a Big East/Nig Five/whatever mid-major looks like it's going to take down a football factory in the tournament and make the brackets go all woogly fan; if I have a single school preference, it's Boston College. My wife may go to NC State, but I find myself unmoved by the mostly self-inflicted travails of the Pack.

All that being said, when Tyler Hansbrough, who plays a game as tenacious and physical as J.J. Redick's was contact-averse, goes an entire Duke-Carolina game without going to the line once. it tells you that the endless bitching about Duke getting all the calls may in fact have a little basis in truth.
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