Friday, October 19, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Joe

Once upon a time, teams were heartily discouraged from making managerial and front office moves during the playoffs, under the theory that MLB didn't want anything distracting anyone from, you know, the baseball.

These days, not so much. Part of that is the fact that the playoffs now stretch longer than track 2 on your average ELP record, part of it is that no one seems to care. And so we have our Jockettys and our Stonemans and our God knows what else, and in the middle of it, all the speculation over Steinbrenner and Joe.

Well, not any more. Torre sensibly turned down, if turning down a job that pays $5.0M/year and does not involve shoving condoms stuffed with heroin into various bodily bits can be called sensible, the Yankees' one year offer. Now everyone's happy. Joe can walk without looking like he's cutting and running, the Steinbrennerlings can say "Hey, we tried" and promote their fair-haired boy Donnie Baseball, and the Red Sox can breathe easy knowing that whoever comes in will probably be worse than Torre was.
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