Sunday, July 01, 2007


Regardless of your take as to whether Barry Bonds "should" be an All-Star, can we at least get away from the nonsensical carping about how he's not having a good enough year to go?

Let's go to the tape:
16 HR - 8th in the league
1st on OBP
2nd in SLG
1st in OPS, even if Joe Morgan doesn't know what that means
BA - .304
BA with 2 outs and RISP - .400

Yes, the RBIs are down, mainly because nobody else on the Giants could get to first base at a prom, much less against major league pitching. Yes, the defense is moderately awful, but Mike Piazza made an awful lot of All-Star games while doing his best impression of a sieve behind home plate.

If you want to argue whether Bonds should be in based on off-the-field stuff, that's one thing. But pretending that the on-the-field stats aren't there just doesn't hold water.
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