Sunday, June 03, 2007

5 Things I Want To See From the NBA Finals

1 - Manu Ginobili flopping so hard when LeBron James drives the lane that he A)sprains something and B)gets picked for the next round of Dancing With the Stars.

2 - Robert Horry missing a big shot at the buzzer. Hell, make it 2.

3- Zydrunas Ilgauskas posterizing Tim Duncan. Yeah, I know, it will never happen, but with all that Big Z has gone through in his career, you can hope for it.

4 - Bruce Bowen to lose his mysterious power to cloud referees' minds. Either that, or for him to admit that he is in fact the reincarnation of Lamont Cranston, and to abandon the NBA to....(wait for it)....fight crime.

5 - All of the NBA conspiracy theorists who have decided that Flip Saunders' lousy rotations are proof that the NBA fixed the series to get LeBron into the finals (No, I won't capitalize it. That's silly.) to give it a rest already. If they really were into that sort of thing, then Phoenix would have been allowed to stomp the Spurs in peace. Bigger market, more marketable players, and nary a whiff of controversy to them - they and their uptempo style would have been perfectly telegenic. Instead, it's the Spurs. Again. Yes, I'm thrilled, too.

Spurs in 6.
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