Thursday, March 01, 2007

Proud to Be Your Fifth-Column Fellow-Traveling Filthy-Commie-B*st*rd-Enabling Sports Blog

We in this humble corner of the blogosphere have been approved for silky smooth entry into China:

Eat that, Drudge! Of course, the approval is somewhat ambiguous. "Available?" What does that mean? Our URL is available for viewing? Our URL is available to be pickpocketed? Our URL is one of those turbo-skanks who'll tart herself out to the first compendium of half-baked NL fantasy projections that looks twice at her? Baby, we thought you had more class than that...

And then there's the question of content. How do we maintain availability? It's a savage, serious, cut-throat world out there, people, and we're just trying to get a leg up and over before we're turned on and rent to shreds. What's it gonna take? Wall-to-wall Beijing 2008 Olympiques coverage? A Ken Burns-worthy docu on that Mao Ying guy? Embedded ping-pong video ripped off from YouTube? Great reach brings great responsibility, after all; we'll have to make a concerted effort. O the pressure!

"Don't be evil," my eye; there's profit to be had. I need a headline for my front page. Something punchy...
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