Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weekend Roundup

  • Sheffield to Detroit - in exchange for three young arms and a two-year extension tacked on to Sheff's contract. I do realize that at one point, the Tigers needed to overpay in order to attract talent (see: Rodriguez, Ivan; Ordonez, Magglio) and impressive facial hair (see: Jones, Todd), but one would hope those days are now done. My prediction - one year of great production, one year wrecked by injuries, and one year spent sulking about a new contract.
  • Panic in Piscataway - Congratulations, Rutgers on a thrilling, hard-fought win. Memo to Louisville - it's OK for the jokers at ESPN to take Rutgers lightly because they're, well, Rutgers. You? Not so much. And after this weekend, the spin machine explaining how Rutgers simply cannot be any good because they happen to be Rutgers will be in full effect. I mean, for one thing, they have funny helmets.
  • Incidentally, Wojo... - Why do you have your archetypal fan of the Big East - a conference whose geographic base covers New England (UConn), upstate NY (Syracuse), New Jersey (Rutgers), and Pennsylvania (Pitt) sound like a caller on Steve Spurrier's radio show?
  • Freebird - J.D. Drew has opted out of his unwieldy deal with the Dodgers to test the free agent market. Call me crazy, but an injury-prone, aging OF who's not terribly popular hitting the FA market the same year as Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Lee (not to mention Jose Guillen, for the bargain-hunter out there) is probably not going to come out of this in a financially advantageous position. Phillies fans may be amused to note that Drew did this after making shiny fluffy noises all summer and fall about how much he loved L.A., and how he didn't intend to do anywhere. Ned Coletti, Paul DePodestia is IN UR HOUSE HAX0RING UR CENTER FIELDER.
  • All Your BCS Are Belong To Us - So Cal, Texas, and Auburn go down in collective flames. Florida barely escapes a mediocre South Carolina team. Texas (without its quarterback) loses to a team that Louisville (without its quarterback) clobbered. Cal goes down to a mediocre Arizona team. Auburn never answers the bell against a down-year Georgia. And yet, they'll all be ranked higher than Rutgers come Monday.
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