Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Skills Required: Attention to Detail, Excellent Communication, Ability to Dodge Blunt Objects Hurled by an Irate Curt Schilling... is teaming up with (yeah, we know this reads like a press release, just bear with us here) to find a bunch of eager go-getters to fill various positions in major league ballparks all over this great land of ours. To pick a team at random (say, the Red Sox), is looking for web content reporters (Shaughnessy, you enormous toolbox, you're on notice!), stats stringers, and something called a "Pitch f/x operator," which consists of...well, we'll just let speak for us:

Pitch f/x tracks every pitched baseball, calculating its trajectory and break, for television broadcast, Internet and stadium video production.

Ah, it's a version of the completely unconvincing strike-zone grid thingy that the weasels at FOX use to clutter up a perfectly good afternoon of Saturday baseball with. Apparently now thinks that your average baseball fan needs a herd of grandmaster Electronic Battleship players to tell him or her where Francisco Liriano put that pitch at.

, I mean, high and outside...

Makes one almost nostalgic for the glory days of QuesTec, don't it? Well, at least seems to be looking to use this completely in-house at the parks. I mean, consider who you, aspiring Pitch f/x operator, would be reporting to if FOX actually did get a hold of this.

Hi, kids, it's Scooter here, and I'm going to need you to come in on Sunday...great.
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