Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Things We Know About the NBA

They were never going to suspend Draymond Green for kicking Stephen Adams (himself, a renowned cheap shot artist) right in his Oklahoma City Thunder, for the simple reason that stars don't get suspended because people want to see stars. You can make all the noise you want about the NBA not wanting a suspension to decide the series, etc. etc. but the simple matter is that a guy on Green's level won't get suspended for anything short of attempted murder. A guy on LeBron's level probably wouldn't get suspended even then. And if Kevin Love tried it, he'd probably hurt himself in the process.

Nobody actually knows what Ben Simmons thinks about Philadelphia or Los Angeles or anything else except Ben Simmons. So all the hot takes about not wanting to go to a Losing Culture (TM) in Philly (hint: LA's has been pretty goddamned awful for a while, too) or not wanting to go to a small market like Philly (hint: it's the 5th largest in the country, thanks) or his deep bond with coach Sixers coach Brett Brown (not actually that deep) or whatever are just wet pasta thrown against the wall to see if anything sticks. Wherever he goes, Simmons is going to be in a large market where he will be paid a ton of money to play with other recent high draft picks and the team he plays for will show almost immediate improvement, which he will get the credit for. 

Returning a previous point: if Draymond Green had been suspended for game 4, all of Vegas would have had a collective aneurism.

There is nothing more annoying that trades of conditional first round picks. It's the NBA equivalent of edge case rules in Warhammer, only without the spiky bits.

If current trending holds and we get an OKC-Toronto Finals, the howling over the television markets is going to be epic, particularly since the US slice of the Toronto market is basically Buffalo. 

Speaking of Toronto, yes, they the north...but they're not the northernmost franchise in the NBA. Not even second. #WeTheNorthIsh?

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