Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things I'm Thankful For (2012 Sports Edition)

  • For Vin Scully continuing to call Dodgers games
  • For Mike Trout going over the wall to make a catch
  • For Tony LaRussa finally getting the hell out of the dugout
  • For Grinnell - even if it's for just one night, under highly artificial circumstances - being the lead story on SportsCenter
  • For the return of the great baseball beards. Prince, Sergio, guys - the Al Hrabosky fans of the world remember and love you for it.
  • For Duke losing to Lehigh in the NCAA tournament
  • For post-race NASCAR pit row fights, which top even baseball brawls in their ridiculousness
  • For the chance to see the AAA championship game, even if it was a beatdown of epic proportions
  • For major leaguers coming through minor league towns on rehab assignments
  • For the way the Oakland A's won the AL West, and the guys they won it with
  • For the work of writers like Craig Calcaterra, Joe Posnanski, Keith Law, and many others
  • For the fact that Don Fehr has work that isn't in baseball
  • For those random moments when people occasionally shut up about steroids and just watched the damn games
  • For MLB picking a good song as their postseason anthem
  • For the slow, slow steps towards trying to do something about concussions in sports, which are a damn sight better than the fast, fast coverups that used to be out there
  • For Toronto Blue Jays fans having hope for a change
  • For Tim Tebow sitting on the bench
  • For the guys getting off it
  • And for having the chance to yammer about this stuff occasionally to  you guys.

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