Saturday, January 28, 2012

Colts / Arians

Saturday, the Colts hired former Steeler offensive coordinator Bruce Arians as their new offensive coordinator. Arians has always been a pass-first guy. He hasn't paid close enough attention to the offensive line, by virtue of having had the Incredible Hulk behind center. Is this a signal that they're ditching Manning (who needs good pass protection) or that they're keeping him (because Arians likes to air it out)?

As a Steeler note -- the offensive line has been in tatters since Russ Grimm left in a huff with Ken Whisenhunt a few years ago. If the Steelers had been looking for someone to fire in order to Make A Statement, they should have fired offensive line coach Sean Kugler (who joined the Steelers early in 2010, after 2 years of the Bills' offensive line letting Trent Edwards, JP Losman, and Ryan Fitzpatrick get body-slammed through the ice of Lake Erie).
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