Monday, June 01, 2009

Rumblin Stumblin Bumblin

  • There are few more unlikely terms in sports than "Ryan Howard triples to left."
  • Reason #2456 that front office types should not be allowed near microphones: Vinny Cerrato talking about how Jason Campbell "exuberates" his leadership.
  • With the growing interest in the MLB amateur draft, how long is it before Keith Law is forced by ESPN to adopt Mel Kiper Jr's hairstyle?
  • When they have to tell you how big an upset it is, it's not that big an upset. Sorry, Rafael Nadal.
  • Lakers in six. They'll take the first two, lose game 3, take game 4, lose 5 on a gutsy effort by the desperate Magic, and then blow out the completely gassed Magic in Game Six.
  • Meanwhile, Shaq will be openly rooting for a meteor to hit the arena midway through the second quarter of game five.
  • Memo to - I can recycle old Rick Reilly columns at the fraction of the cost of having the real Rick Reilly do it. Plus, I actually like sports.
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