Sunday, July 20, 2008

Was in New England This WEEIkend...

...and spent some time listening to the legendary WEEI*.

  • Number of callers who couldn't pronounce Jonathan Papelbon's name, even after being repeatedly corrected by the host: 1
  • Number of callers who wanted to throw Jed Lowrie in the Harbor after he hit into a double play against the Angels: 15
  • Number of hosts still upset that Terry Francona didn't play John Olerud more in 2005: 1
  • Number of callers who wanted Terry Francona's head for leaving Josh Beckett in to pitch the 7th inning: 4
  • Number of times Chuck from Saugus said that Manny is a "winnah": 6
  • Number of times Don from the Cape said that Manny is a bum who needs to go: 6
  • Number of callers proposing the Sox trade Kevin Youkilis to Atlanta for Mark Teixeira, regardless of whether this makes any sense for the Braves: 3
  • Number of callers who insisted that Tampa's All-Star catcher Dioner Navarro (traded away in 2004 as the prize of the Randy Johnson deal) was, and I quote, "a guy the Yankees didn't want": 1
  • Number of times other hosts essentially called Glen Ordway an idiot: 9
*All estimates completely made up.
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