Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How To Deal Your Best Tradeable Asset

Your Minnesota Twins Front Office

Step 1 - Gauge fan reaction.
Step 2 - Sign other fan favorites to contracts to show that you're spending money.
Step 3 - Before residual goodwill dissipates, trade your Cy Young-caliber ace to the Mets for a remainder bin of prospects.
Step 4 - Profit! (Sorry, Underpants Gnomes)

It's not quite as bad as all that, but considering what the Orioles look poised to grab for oft-injured Eric Bedard, it's not much of a haul. As Keith Law correctly pointed out on ESPN.com, you don't trade your best guy without getting the other guy's best prospect, and they didn't get the Mets' best prospect.

Or maybe I'm just bitter because this simultaneously vaults the Mets into the favorite's role in the NL East while savaging my fantasy baseball team, which had been counting on cheap steals out of Carlos Gomez and hoping for some pitching help from Philip Humber.

In either case, it can't be fun to be a Twins fan right now. Odds are, with Santana gone Joe Nathan is next to go, and if GM Bill Smith only brought home this much for Santana, I can't imagine he'll get phat l00t for his closer.
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